Creating the world we want for our family!
Family College 'educates' parents to be the role-model learners to most naturally nurture a 'learning culture' for children too.

Family College is the flagship, and also the compulsory first educational offer on learnability by the varsity. It's an immense library of knowledge for a family.

A family is the most 'controllable environment' to learn to learn, the 'content' is simple, and the benefits are immeasurable in terms of education of children and 'happiness quotient' of the family.

Extensively researched and documented

There is an extensive library of our own publications.

Community of learners

By enabling concept-wise (or question-wise) community of interested learners, learning is uniquely customised and enhanced.

'Real life' lab

For instance, our math resources are rooted in the 'word problems', i.e., in real-world applications. On the ground, this has ensured for us that Every child succeeds in math!


Breaking down learning resources into discreet and distinct units is a recipe for a qualitative revolution in learning.