Unshackling schools of graded structures
The context of Liberal School is also embedded in K - 12 challenges - the marginalisation of the talented! Ironically, schools - society's 'academic education institution' (wouldn't venture to belief that school's brief is the entire expanse of educating children which is the default expectation) - have an inherent, design fault - schools can't educate talented children!

Enrichment and advancement are the two strategies for talented children, but advancement is an almost insurmountable challenge for schools due to the age-wise grading. On the other hand, there is limit to enrichment in a particular grade in the same environment.

The liberal school will operate as a 'grade-less' virtual school and enrol students into grades higher than their current school grade and offer the entire gamut of teacher-learning and assessment, as well as certification, support for Grade I - VIII.

World's first such educational service, it's set to redefine quality of childhood across the world!

This service will be publicly presented on 1st June, 2020. Expectedly, more details are not shareable at this stage.