Unique blending of school and home-school
As may be evident from the name, it's a new model of school - a unique blend of formal K - 12 school and home-school! Thus, it's a dedicated space for learning (e.g., an apartment flat) but enrols children of the participating families alone.
A family is said to be participating in a parent's school only when both the parents raise themselves to act as resources for academic subjects. Of course, parents take turn and 'facilitate learning' of chosen concepts/grades. A typical parents school is multi-grade.

Parent's school is the other flagship educational offer, but targetted at a niche population of prospective and current home-schooling families. Our Parent's school resources include the entire curricular and process backbone for K - 10, for Indian national education boards and Cambridge curriculum, in a couple of digital apps.

We envisage that Parent's school is THE model of formal school education for the children from educated families, and in the process -

  1. Reduce need for new school investments (increasingly hard in developed world too)
  2. Reduce need for new teachers (a real challenge)
  3. Reduce 'mixedness (of ability)' of students in every class (a critical pre-requisite for quality)
  4. Phenomenally increase the creation and availability of next-gen, child-centered, mass-scalable learning resources
  5. (Most importantly,) Spur a far more compassionate society for children (an unanticipated emergent benefit of the two Parent's schools in action)

Extensively researched and documented

There is an extensive library of our own publications.

Community of learners

By enabling concept-wise (or question-wise) community of interested learners, learning is uniquely customised and enhanced.

'Real life' lab

For instance, our math resources are rooted in the 'word problems', i.e., in real-world applications. On the ground, this has ensured for us that Every child succeeds in math!


Breaking down learning resources into discreet and distinct units is a recipe for a qualitative revolution in learning.


One the administrative & teaching-learning processes to effectively & efficiently operate school processes.