We are changing the DNA of the context of learning - comprehensively deinstitutionalising resources, processes and opportunities to learn. The Family College is our flagship initiative to empower every family to educate itself in all possible ways. We are especially focused on young adults, and parents of school-age children.

What We Do

Where're the adults who are (model) learners for our children to learn to be learners? The only realistic possibility is each parent turning a learner.

We handhold parents to improve their learnability to assertively and empathetically handhold their children in improving their learnability, despite our rote-based ('anti-learning') school and exam systems.

Initially, we're offering the learnability improvement programme on parenting through direct contact classes, supported by App-based reading resources and community. The purely virtual programme will be offered in a near future.

The parenting programme has three broad components - extensive theoretical foundations to be competent learners, creating contexts for better learning skills among parents, and using math as a subject to apply learnability competences.

Enabling new generation of learners is at the heart of what we do. By developing new-age, ’readable’ books, innovative ways to present reading content and assessments, and real-life lab activities, we have developed an unparalleled ecosystem to be used by parents independent educators and schools alike.