Research and technology-powered edtech company.
World-leader in next-gen math and parent-development education.

Who We Are

We're the pioneering full-service K-12 edtech company with atleast three world-leading k-12 education functional innovations - world's first parent school (comprising 6 families and 8 children), 6000 period-plan based K-10 school, and career discovery guidance.

With a rich experience of over 15 years of collaborating with school, parents, and students, we are in an ideal position to develop products and solutions for the new-age learner.

Transforming K - 12 education for every child is our only focus - we've put all our eggs in just one basket - child-centered education system. Expectedly, we've deep domain knowledge of improving learnability.

We exist to strengthen structures and resources that make every human life happier and meaningful in the dramatically changing times ahead. We'll achieve the same through learnability of people across the world.

We feel privileged to have conceptualised and resourced the next generation of learning spaces.